2016 Spring Show

2016 Spring Show

GVMA Spring Show 2016

Entry fee is paid on day of show at registration table after parking your mustang.

May 29, 2016

08:30 AM


The GVMA Spring Show will be at Cascades Casino on Sunday, May 29. Fingers crossed for good weather! We will have the manager from the casino at our next Executive meeting to review the details. The SVT, Mach 1, and Bullitts will be combined into a Specialty Mustang class.

We have a big section of the parking lot set aside for us. There are usually about 80-90 cars and it is our first show of the year. Tom would like to see us break the 100 car mark! There is usually a deal on breakfast in the casino that morning as well.

VOLUNTEERS: We still need volunteers for parking, ballot counting and clean up. Please sign up if you are able to help out that day. It isn’t possible for the club to host this annual show without the support of volunteers.

REGISTRATION: Registration takes place on the day of the show.

STOCK or MODIFIED: There will not be any checks to see if your Mustang is STOCK or MODIFIED.  We use the honor system to dtermine wich tech category you are in.  If you have MORE than 4 modifications then you are MODIFIED. 

Location Cascades Casino

Location Harbourside Place